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Glenn Says:


A Note from Glenn

glennHey! Glenn here.

I opened the doors to Ethel’s Lounge in 1994. Ethel’s was a place to grab a drink or a few with friends and swap stories. The times have changed though and with it, we’ve grown and adjusted. Ethel’s has become a place to gather for a good quality, good quantity meal, too. But, through the years Ethel’s has stayed true to itself.

Deep fryers have never been part of our kitchen and it looks like we were right all along! As we’ve learned more about food, healthy options, and international dishes, we’ve been proud of our stubborn, no deep fryer ways. I mean, homemade food deserves the time and effort and we aren’t in a rush to get you out the door.

Back when Ethel’s opened, Ontario was home to only four breweries. Hard to imagine, eh?  Today, Ontario is home to 169 breweries, and a whole lot of them taste the same. We pride ourselves on having fewer taps of great quality, fresh beer. Of course we also offer some more variety in bottles to give you a taste of different styles of beer.

It sure has been an awesome ride since ’94! I’m so happy to be surrounded by a loyal staff that just keeps coming back. We’ve been here for a long time and we’re going to be here for a long time to come!

If you have any questions for me, want to talk, or have any ideas for us stop by, leave a note, or give me a call!


Glenn Smith

Proprietor/Big Mouth at the Bar